1957 Les Paul Black Beauty nearly sells for £10 in Welsh charity shop

Posted 07 Aug 2010 in General News

A charity shop which put a £10 price tag on a donated guitar has discovered it is a Gibson Les Paul Custom 1957 VOS Black Beauty model worth up to £2,500.

Shop manager Rose Martin was bombarded with potential buyers and expressions of interest after putting the instrument in her Holyhead window.

One person even offered her £800 but it was too late because she had already found out its true value and started selling raffle tickets for it.

Proceeds from the eventual draw will help children on Anglesey.

Ms Martin works at the ‘Anglesey A Team’ shop in Boston Street selling second hand furniture, clothes and bric a brac.

She explained: “We get so much donated stuff and I only put it in the window on Monday. It was going for £10.

“Everybody seems to be interested in it. A lot of people have been in saying that it’s worth quite a lot of money. My friend said ‘Why don’t you put it in the window for a raffle?’

“So far, we’ve sold 240 strips of raffle tickets, with five in a strip, costing £1 a strip. One musician came in and offered £800 but we’d already started the raffle. We’ll leave it in the window for four weeks.”

Source: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/


  1. Guitar Sheet Music Lover (12 Aug 2010, 10:27)

    Wow? £10? Some lucky person would have been very pleased with themselves! I might have to start hanging around charity shops…

  2. JeeGads (03 Sep 2010, 23:56)

    I can’t figure out whether I would have told them how much it was worth or just bought it… stupid morals >:(

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