AC/DC May Tour Again

Posted 23 Jun 2014 in Artist News

While that headline alone basically gives you the gist of this story, ┬ácan we take a moment to simply revel in its awesomeness? Australian rockers AC/DC are considered one of the most classic rock bands of all time, and yet fans haven’t been able to see them play live for some time.


AC/DC may be touring in the near future.

Sure, the band is getting rather old at this point, but let’s not forget just how devoted AC/DC fans can be. The announcement came as a bit of an accident, it seemed, during an interview with Brian Johnson about an entirely unrelated project, the singer’s new automobile based television shows, “Cars That Rock”. After giving his appreciation to fans for enjoying the new television show, Johnson noted that while the production team would attempt to put out more episodes in the near future, his responsibilities with AC/DC would probably take him on the road in the near future. His exact words were: “it looks very likely that we will be on the road again before the end of the year.” That sounds pretty definitive to us, thank you very much.


This makes sense considering the fact that the band is currently in the midst of writing a new album, albeit without the presence of Malcom Young due to health issues. Regardless, we’re excited to see how 2014 plays out for one of the most legendary bands alive.

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