Ampeg guitar amps are back

Posted 06 Oct 2011 in Gear News, Press Releases

Ampeg are making a return to the world of top-end guitar amplification with the launch of their new GVT series. From the press release:

Ampeg re-enters the world of premium guitar amplification and announces their GVT Series Guitar Amps are now shipping in North America. Each head, cab and combo offers all-tube guitar tone in a sleek design inspired by classic Ampeg guitar amps from the ‘70s.

“We’ve been touring around all summer with our GVT amps,” remarks Ampeg’s Director of Amplification, Pyotr Belov. “The response has been overwhelming. We’ve even setup a select network of GVT Platinum Dealers ready to show you through this amazing line of tube guitar amps.”

The comprehensive line of Ampeg GVT Guitar Amps range from an ultra-compact 5-watt head, all the way up to a gig-friendly 50-watt, 2×12 combo. GVT heads and combos are all-tube by design, including 6V6 and 6L6 power tubes for unmistakable American feel and tone. The tonal palette is wide, featuring Ampeg’s legendary Baxandall EQ circuitry, which provides unmatched flexibility, allowing the guitarist a much wider range of tones than competitive amps. Both GVT extension cabinets feature Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers, while GVT combos use Celestion Original Series speaker designs, perfect for translating the feel of the all-tube GVT amplifiers. Plus, rugged build quality ensure years of use out on the road.

Available in North America in the coming weeks, the Ampeg GVT Series includes eight different models: the GVT5H and GVT15H heads, GVT112E and GVT112EW cabinets, plus the GVT5-110, GVT15-112, GVT52-112 and GVT52-212 combos. MSRP is as follows: GVT5H is $489.99, GVT15H is $699.99, GVT112E is $349.99, GVT112EW is $419.99, GVT5-110 is $559.99, GVT15-112 is $839.99, GVT52-112 is $1,049.99, and GVT52-212 is $1,259.99. The amps will be available internationally in mid-November 2011.

If you’re interested in checking them out then head over to for detailed product information or to track down a local dealer.

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