Amy Herbst’s Unique Problem

Posted 03 Feb 2014 in Artist News, General News, Miscellaneous

Fans, today we have a piece of news for you that’s a bit unusual. Amy Herbst, a singer in the Nashville Opera Company, is suing the government over a botched episiotomy during child birth last February.

Amy Herbst

While nothing life threatening seems to have happened, Herbst did experience one major side effect: the inability to sing without farting. Indeed, every time this poor opera singer opens her mouth to sing a note, her rear end chimes in as well. Herbst claims that the surgery was the cause of her sudden inability to control her bowel movements.

Obviously, this makes it quite difficult for her to continue her singing career, and for that reason Herbst is seeking $2.5 million for damages. While we do feel pretty bad for Ms. Herbst, this story sounds like something pulled out of a crude television plot. After all, how often can something like this really happen? While details have not surfaced yet as to whether Herbst plans to settle outside of court or continue with her lawsuit, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with this interesting story as more leaks.

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