Asking Alexandria Takes Time Off

Posted 15 Jul 2014 in Artist News

Okay, okay. We’ll admit it. Perhaps that headline is a bit misleading. You see, according to frontman Danny Worsnop, the band is still together and working on new material, but fans shouldn’t expect to hear anything for quite some time.

Asking Alexandria

You see, the band has already declared plans to take the first half of 2015 off from touring and producing in an effort to redefine their sound. Once that sound has come into formation, the band will need to pen a few tunes, spend a couple weeks in the studio recording them, and take a few months to market the songs effectively. All in all, there seems to be little hope that the group will put out any new material prior to 2016, so from a fan’s point of view, the band will be taking time off.

The new album, however, does already have a title: From Death to Destiny. Furthermore, the band has given a very vague clue as to what the album might sound like by claiming it will be “Whitesnake-y”. While that isn’t nearly enough of a teaser to whet fan’s appetites, it should be enough to assure fans that when this project does finally come out, it will be quite spectacular.

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