Auto-Tune for Guitar Announced

Posted 20 Jan 2014 in Gear News, Industry Insights, News

If you haven’t heard yet, the 2014 NAMM convention, where the best in musical gear and equipment manufacturers come together to unveil their newest products, is underway. We’ve already seen several limited run guitars and a few new pedals, but by far one of the most interesting innovations this year comes from the infamous effects company Antares. You might know this company as the producers of Auto-Tune, a pitch correcting software used heavily on acts like T Pain. Although this effect is often mocked in the music industry, it does provide interesting creative outlets when placed in the right hands. Anyways, Antares has announced a new Auto-Tune kit that can be retro-fitted on to any guitar. This exciting piece of technology will help to correct and alter the tones from the guitar and offers depth control, meaning guitarists can use the effect to create natural sounding tones. This should, essentially, eliminate the ability of a guitar to fall out of tune.


Before you get too excited and whip your pocketbook out, know that Antares has announced that sale of this product will be to their authorized luthiers only. One must then take their guitar to the luthier and pay for the service to have it installed. Although this will undoubtedly make it more expensive to install Auto-Tune on to your guitar, it is noble of Antares to help stand up for independent luthiers.

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  1. Robert (21 Jan 2014, 4:49)

    Note that this tech has been available (for about a year, if I recall correctly) preinstalled in a guitar by Peavey. Also, they have plans for a foot-pedal unit that will work with hex pickups with a 13-pin connector, which they say will be out later this year.

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