Badly Drawn Boy sorry for on-stage outburst

Posted 22 Dec 2010 in Artist News, Guitarist Antics

Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough, has issued an apologetic statement after his onstage meltdown last week. He blamed hecklers and bad sound for his behaviour at Los Angeles’s Troubadour club.

The concert last Thursday “should have been the crowning send-off” of a three-week tour of the US and Canada. But on the second of a two-night residency at the Troubadour the singer lost his temper, berating the sound engineer for the “swampy” acoustics and threatening “to fight” his audience. For some reason, this provoked heckling. Abandoning one song after another he left the stage after swearing at his listeners. Whilst he eventually went on to finish the concert, he admitted it was a “f***ing disaster”.


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