Billy Corgin Announces 8 Hour Set

Posted 19 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Miscellaneous, News

Billy Corgin, the now hairless frontman of Smashing Pumpkins, recently made a somewhat bewildering but entirely exciting announcement: he plans to play an immensely long set inside of a tea shop, of all places. Madame Zuzu’s Tea Shop, which is a favorite local hangout among Chicagoans, has agreed to host the event, which will start at noon on February 28th. Plans are for the show to let out sometime around 9 pm. Best of all, this show is free, so if you’ll be in Windy City, you might as well check it out.

Billy Corgin

So how is Corgin possibly going to come up with eight or nine hours worth of material to play for fans? As it turns out, he’s just going to make it up as he goes. Corgin plans to improvise the entirety of the material for this show on the spot, which most fans consider quite impressive. According to Corgin, the show will be inspired by the novel Siddhartha, which was released in 1922 and written by Herman Hesse. The book covers the details on the spiritual journey of a character named Siddhartha, who lives at the same time (but is not) the original Guatama Buddha. Clearly, this is a rather interesting source to draw one’s inspiration for 8 hours of continuous music, and we’re looking forward to hearing what corgi can come up with.


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