Black Sabbath Tour Dates Based on World Cup

Posted 21 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News, Miscellaneous

There exists a stereotype that musicians are solely dedicated towards music and have little or no interest in other fields. Obviously, this is not a true assertion, as the upcoming tour dates for Black Sabbath reveal a little something about the non-music side of the band.

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath structure their tour to not conflict with England’s World Cup games.

According to Sabbath guitarist Tommy Iommi, the upcoming Black Sabbath tour dates were booked with consideration of bassist Geezer Butler’s affinity for soccer. If you’re unaware, the massive FIFA World Cup, the most prestigious international soccer competition in the world, is currently taking place in Brazil.

Black Sabbath has planned all of their tour dates so that none of them coincide with any soccer matches that their home country England will play during the tournament. Furthermore, the group has already taken the initiative to book out a string of clubs and bars, all with plenty of TVs so that Butler and the gang can keep up with their favorite sport. Unfortunately, England actually isn’t doing all that great in the tournament this year and has all but been eliminated from advancing to the next round, but it’s interesting to see a musician display such a rabid interest in sports.

Do any of you readers have a particular interest in sports, or have been following the World Cup? Is there any sporting event that would keep you from seeing a concert?  Let us know!

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