Blackstar Launches YouTube Competition

Posted 07 Apr 2014 in Amplifiers, Featured, Hardware, Miscellaneous

The internet truly is a wonderful piece of technology, isn’t it? By allowing fans to connect with artists and companies directly, a whole world of interesting possibilities open. One such possibility is the interesting contest set up by amp manufacturer Blackstar. The contest requires fans to upload a 30 second clip of them playing guitar using the Blackstar ID:Series or ID:Core setups. The entires will be available for public consumption, so be sure to bring your A game.

Blackstar Youtube Competition

The entries will be judged by a number of celebrity guitarists, including Mike Spreitzer of Devildriver, Gus G from Ozzy Osbourne’s band, Tommy Henriksen of Alice Cooper’s band, and Brian Bonds of Florida-Georgia Line.


The winner of the competition will receive a Blackstar ID:260 amplifier, as well as two online guitar lessons with the famous judges. There will also be second place prizes, which will be given a Blackstar HT-1 head and a Korg Pitchblack Polytuner. Third place winners will receive the HT-1 but not the polytuner.


We’d love to hear about any of readers who enter, especially because we’d like to check out your guitar skills. If you take the time to enter the contest through Blackstar’s official website, please send us a link to your entry! The contest close April 30th, so if you want to enter, you’ll need to act quickly.

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  1. David (05 Oct 2014, 21:47)

    So to win a Blackstar you need to own a Blackstar, if you already own 1 why would you want another?

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