Brad Paisley Uses Fan’s GoPro as Slide

Posted 06 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News, News

We want to start today’s piece off by reminding you that even though we aren’t a country focused music website we are Guitar News Daily. We don’t usually bring in too much content relating to country, unless it’s really good. However, we believe this piece of news qualifies as really good.

Brad Paisley

Country star Brad Paisley had just finished a show outside of Chicago, and went to celebrate the night with a few other musician’s at a venue called Joe’s Pub. While there, Paisley and company jumped on stage and began an impromptu after party. A man named Mike Perlof happened to have a front row view of Paisley, and when he realized who the star was, began filming the set immediately.

Paisley noticed Perlof filming with a small GoPro camera, and rather than becoming flustered or showing off for the camera, grabbed the camera and used it to play a slide guitar solo. Following the solo, Paisley nonchalantly tossed the camera back to Perlof and continued jamming.

All in all, this sort of intimate fan interaction is what has helped Paisley work his way to the top, and it’s interesting to see it packaged so nicely in this video.

Check out the video from the GoPro in the embed below.

As mentioned Paisley is known for having interaction with his fans.  If you haven’t seen the clip of him jamming Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher with 6 year old Avery Molek you need to watch because the two of them put on a pretty good show for a packed Paisley crowd.  We’ll do a follow up article on Avery but if you haven’t seen this kid play yet you would be well served to check out his youtube channel and watch what this kid can do.  Start with Tom Sawyer and YYZ.  Trust me.

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