Brian Johnson Earns Honorary Doctorate

Posted 07 Jul 2014 in Artist News

If you’ve ever made significant contributions to a field, any field, without first earning a degree, one day you may just be rewarded with the degree you never sought. This happens quite often in the music industry and now there is a new guy that can be added to this list.

Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson of AC/DC earns an honorary Doctorate.

Aartists who have made huge impacts on music without formal education are given masters and doctorates in music, because despite not taking the classes or doing the work, these men and women are clearly masters at what they do. Such is the case for Brian Johnson of AC/DC, who just recently received word that he would be receiving a doctorate from a college somewhat near his childhood home.

On Wednesday, July 9th, Johnson will receive the doctorate from the University of Northumbria, who have explained that the decision is largely based on the band’s massively successful career.  That’s an understatement to say the least as the Australian Rockers have been going strong for decades.

Interestingly enough, Johnson will “graduate” alongside the Environmental and Engineering students on the 9th, and not the music program. However, this decision is no doubt due to the busy schedules of both the college and Johnson. Regardless, we’d like to wish a heartfelt congratulations to Johnson for both leading a fantastic career and this most recent honor.  Do you think he will be placing his Doctorate on the wall next to all of his high selling albums and other music industry awards?  Or maybe it goes in a box in the basement.  Either way its a cool honor to receive and serves as a reminder how influential AC/DC have been.

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