Brutal Guitar New Guitar Bursts on to Scene

Posted 21 Jul 2013 in Electric Guitar, General News, News, Reviews

For someone who mostly renovates guitars for fun, Travis Stevens has built up quite a masterful set of skills. The self-proclaimed nerd not only creates custom guitars featuring a variety of pop culture touches, but also builds wedding cake toppers and action figures. Stevens’ guitars often showcase his taste in movies and literature, and regularly feature themes such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and steampunk. However, the latest guitar from this mastermind brings his work into an entirely new direction: the zombie apocalypse.


The guitar, which is a renovated Fender Stratocaster, features all sorts of interesting zombie tidbits, including grenades, bullet casings, and engraved zombies on the body of the guitar. The neck is adorned with a 12th fret skull and bullet fret markers, while the beat up head just screams zombie. Of course, this might be because the word zombie is printed directly on the head. By far the best aesthetic touch on this redesigned Strat is the backplate. Emblazoned with the words “Keep out, dead inside”, the backplate is covered in bloody handprints and looks incredibly like a weakened door, ready to burst open and free the horde inside.

Stevens’ guitar is rumored to sound just as good as it looks, and a quick peak at the specs reveals this to likely be the case. The guitar features a pair of Seymour Blackout pickups, which are renowned for their raw, aggressive sound. These are just as stellar of a choice for punk and metal musicians as they were for a zombie themed guitar. The maple neck and alder/ash body are pretty typical for a Fender, but the blocked tremolo and brass neck inserts make even the hardware of this guitar different than stock. Overall, this is a unique, savage guitar that perfectly captures the essence of a zombie apocalypse. I wouldn’t be looking for one on the shelves any time soon, but expect more distinctive and downright cool projects to come from the hands of Travis Stevens.

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