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Unfathomable Ruination Locked in Cube

Posted 03 Jul 2014 in Artist News
Unfathomable Ruination

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a show? We’re sure that off the top of your head, there’s probably a number of fantastic stories of live heroics. However, UK death metal act Unfathomable Ruination may top all of those stories. The group has recently announced plans to play inside of an airtight, soundproof cube three nights a week throughout July. The band will continue to play inside of the cube until the oxygen runs out; at this point,…

Eric Clapton Talks Touring

Posted 01 Jul 2014 in Artist News
Eric Clapton

Recently, we made the announcement that blues legend Eric Clapton is reaching the end of his touring days; 2015 should mark the end of the live career of one of the world’s preeminent guitarists. However, in a recent uncut, Clapton revealed exactly why he was quitting touring. In his own words: “The road has become unbearable. It’s become unapproachable, because it takes so long to get anywhere. It’s hostile – everywhere: getting in and out of airports, travelling on planes…

Black Sabbath Leaks Cheap Tickets Link

Posted 01 Jul 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights, Miscellaneous

Spend any amount of time talking with members of older generations, and you’ll undoubtedly hear some old timers discuss how things used to cost so much less back in the day. Of course, they made less money as well, but that’s not the point. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get a concert ticket today for 1970’s prices? For a few lucky Black Sabbath fans, this was the case for the Hyde Park show Sabbath has planned for…

More Controversy Over Metallica’s Glastonbury Show

Posted 28 Jun 2014 in Artist News
Metallica at Glastonbury

We’ve only been giving it a bit of coverage here at Guitar News Daily, but if you check out some of the other online music news outlets, there’s little doubt you missed the coverage of Metallica’s upcoming performance at the massive Glastonbury festival in the UK. The group will be playing as a festival headliner on June 28th, but many festival goers and other bands like Mogwai don’t consider the group an appropriate choice for the festival. It now appears…

Steel Panther’s 10 Steps to Heavy Metal Glory

Posted 27 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News
Steel Panther

You know Steel Panther, right? The group is a spoof of the hair/glam metal acts of the 80’s, and yet in many ways is more musically developed and intelligent than the material they are trying to mock. Regardless, the group absolutely rocks, and is one of the rare bands that manages to be both humorous and entirely serious. You can a sense of this in a set of 10 steps to heavy metal glory that was recently released by Music…

Sting Not Leaving Fortune to Children

Posted 25 Jun 2014 in Artist News

How nice would it have been to be born the child of a famous rock star? Obviously, living an entire life in the spotlight has its downsides, but the limitless access to cash and publicity definitely makes life a bit easier for the children of most rock stars. However, some stars, such as Sting of the Police, don’t believe their children should simply be handed life. In a recent statement, Sting declared that his $300 million fortune would not be…

AC/DC May Tour Again

Posted 23 Jun 2014 in Artist News

While that headline alone basically gives you the gist of this story,  can we take a moment to simply revel in its awesomeness? Australian rockers AC/DC are considered one of the most classic rock bands of all time, and yet fans haven’t been able to see them play live for some time. Sure, the band is getting rather old at this point, but let’s not forget just how devoted AC/DC fans can be. The announcement came as a bit of…

Black Sabbath Tour Dates Based on World Cup

Posted 21 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News, Miscellaneous
Black Sabbath

There exists a stereotype that musicians are solely dedicated towards music and have little or no interest in other fields. Obviously, this is not a true assertion, as the upcoming tour dates for Black Sabbath reveal a little something about the non-music side of the band. According to Sabbath guitarist Tommy Iommi, the upcoming Black Sabbath tour dates were booked with consideration of bassist Geezer Butler’s affinity for soccer. If you’re unaware, the massive FIFA World Cup, the most prestigious…

Linkin Park Added to Guitar Center Rock Walk

Posted 19 Jun 2014 in Artist News, News
Linkin Park

While it’s not quite as prestigious as being added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Guitar Center’s Rock Walk does have a certain appeal and definitely is an honor to be added to if you are one of the lucky musicians that gets selected. That’s why it is noteworthy that Linkin Park was recently added to the collection of greats. In light of their recent performance at Download Festival, it’s not hard to see why the legendary rock/rap…

Linkin Park Play Hybrid Theory in Full

Posted 17 Jun 2014 in Artist News, Music, News
Linkin Park

While Linkin Park is still one of the largest rock bands in the world, there’s little doubt they have already passed their heyday. The group likely reached its peak following the release of their album Hybrid Theory, and indeed to this day that album is a fan favorite. You can imagine how exciting it must have been for these fans, then, when Linkin Park played Hybrid Theory in full during Download Festival. Linkin Park isn’t the only band reliving their…