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DIY Low Wattage Attenuator Box

Posted 04 Jul 2008 in Accessories, Amplifiers, Effects, Hardware

Most valve amps need to be run loud to get a good tone out of them, which often makes it difficult when performing in intimate settings, playing late at night or if you have picky neighbours. An attenuator is an electronics device that reduces the amplitude of a signal without appreciably distorting its waveform – perfect for getting that cranked amp sound, at a lower, more manageable volume level. This simple attenuator box will allow lower wattage (less than 30…

DIY Killswitch Installation

Posted 02 Jul 2008 in Effects, Hardware

A killswitch can be a handy thing to have, as it allows a guitarist to immediately mute sounds coming from the guitar, as opposed to a messy cutoff using a volume knob or foot pedal. It can make for some interesting guitar effects, as demonstrated by Eddie Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me”. If you’re feeling adventurous enough, here are some pretty good guides showing how you go about installing one. Guitar Killswitch Installation Removable Guitar Killswitch (in case you…

VoiceTone Harmony-G Now Shipping

Posted 26 Jun 2008 in Effects, News

According to GuitarSite, the VoiceTone Harmony-G, the vocal harmony and effects pedal is now shipping.   VoiceTone Harmony-G is a studio-quality vocal harmony and effects pedal for singing guitarists that takes the programming completely out of the equation, since the guitar playing tells Harmony-G what notes to harmonize. Adaptive harmony arrangement algorithms follow the guitar and voice, and produce realistic harmonies without pre-programming.   Topping an already packed feature list, VoiceTone Harmony-G sports a studio quality mic preamp with phantom power,…

OpenStomp Coyote-1, Beavis Board DIY Stompboxes

Posted 20 Jun 2008 in Effects, Hardware

The world of DIY effects has become even flashier with the introduction of two different kits for creating your custom effects. The Beavis Board from Beavis Audio is a kit consisting of a breakout box, breadboards and a collection of components that enables you build a huge array of stompbox circuits including overdrives, distortions, fuzzes, filters, amplifiers, tremolos, noise generators, oscillators, and more.  This one looks mighty interesting, as it allows you to not only tailor your sound but also…

World Longest Pedal Board, Guitar Sound on Keyboard

Posted 20 Jun 2008 in Effects, News, Performance

The folks at Gear Trap went for a Guinness Record attempt of the world’s largest pedal board, consisting of 142 pedals.  Check out the video for how it sounds. While you’re at it, check out this mesmerising video of a guy emulating an electric guitar sound on his keyboard.  Totally amazing, and well worth watching.

Ooh La La Announces the Soda Meiser Pedal

Posted 18 Jun 2008 in Effects, News

News in the world of guitar effects – Ooh La La Manufacturing has just released their third effects pedal, the Soda Meiser.  Designed by Devi Ever, handmade and hand painted in the USA, the Ooh La La Soda Meiser will be priced at $225 (USD).   At lower intensities it has a great Big Muff sound but with a lot more character. At higher intensities, it becomes a disharmonic fuzz bliss that reminds many of the Ampeg Scrambler. People have compared the Soda…

Pedal Basics: 5 Effects Pedals Everyone Should Own

Posted 15 Jun 2008 in Effects, Technique

My main rig for guitar effects at the moment is a well used but loved BOSS GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor.  For me, the convenience just can’t be beat, but there are those who argue that individual pedals ultimately give more flexibility and better sound. For those wanting to get into the effects pedal scene, here’s a great guide to start out your collection.

Retro-Sonic Distortion Pedal

Posted 13 Jun 2008 in Effects, News

Retro-Sonic has announced a new addition to its line-up of boutique effects pedals – the Retro-Sonic Distortion Pedal. The vintage pedal is based on a LM308 op-amp design, and features true bypass with Distortion, Tone and level controls, providing a wide range from subtly distorted blues tones through to classic rock and metal. The Distortion effect pedal will debut at Summer NAMM in Nashville, June 20-22, 2008. Product will ship in June, 2008.

Sustain Indefinitely with Moog Guitar

Posted 08 Jun 2008 in Effects, Electric Guitar, News

If you’ve got a spare six and half grand laying around, consider picking up a Moog Guitar, which is a revolutionary cross between a guitar, synthesizer and tricked out electronics that provides an unparalleled range of expression to the guitarist.  It has different modes to enable you to do the following: infinite sustain on every string, at every fret position and at any volume sustained single or polyphonic lines without muting technique removes energy from the strings, resulting in a…

Pedal Review: T.C. Jauernig Electronics Gristle King

Posted 04 Jun 2008 in Effects, Reviews

Introduction Tim Jauernig is the creator of the ‘Luxury Drive’ and the hilariously named ‘Diabolic Gristle Tone Manipulator’ a.k.a. DGTM (a phrase coined by zany guitarist and Fender clinician Greg Koch). According to his website the Luxury Drive is closer to a booster, while the DGTM is an overdrive pedal. Both pedals have received such rave reviews that Tim’s next creation, the aptly named ‘Gristle King’, was the next logical step essentially combining the Luxury Drive and DGTM into one…