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Vibesware Releases New Junior Resonator

Posted 18 Sep 2013 in Effects, Gear News

Depending on your upbringing and musical tastes, the term guitar resonator can take on one of two meanings. Traditionally, a resonator has been defined as an acoustic instrument that creates its sounds by vibrating a piece of metal (the resonator) that vibrates the wood. Think of a dobro. Recently, however, resonators have taken on a whole new meaning: companies like Vibesware have discovered ways to engage the electromagnetic field surrounding the strings of an electric guitar, and can excite that…

Traveler Guitars Release New Model

Posted 26 Aug 2013 in Electric Guitar, Gear News

One of the joys of playing guitars is their portability. Compared to instruments like the organ or the piano, a guitar has a lot of flexibility to be played just about anywhere, anytime. Even an electric guitar can be played without an amp, and all that’s required to add an amp is a power source and quarter inch cable. However, for some wanderers, a regular acoustic guitar is just too bulky, but an electric guitar would weigh them down too…

Fender Releases Green Day Tribute

Posted 25 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Bass Guitar, Gear News
green day fender tribute

Remember Green Day? They were that punk band that rocked America during the earlier part of the 2000’s with singles like “Holiday” and “American Idiot”. The California four piece helped to promote the careers of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. Dirnt recently received a new honor in his career: a Fender/Squire tribute bass. Only given to the top echelons of bass players, a tribute bass is the result of months of collaboration between the artist and…

New Gadget Tunes Guitar Nearly Instantaneously

Posted 18 Aug 2013 in Accessories, Gear News, News
TronicalTune Guitar Tuner

Have you ever seen a band that forgot, or just plain refused, to tune their instruments? By the end of the third song, the members sound so mismatched that it becomes difficult to tell who is even playing what anymore. Tuning is a nuisance, sure, but it is definitely of the utmost importance when performing a show at professional levels. However, a new gadget called the TronicalTune, seeks to eliminate the inconvenience of tuning while still tuning up a guitar….

Gibson Releases Slash Signature Model

Posted 08 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Electric Guitar, Gear News, News
Slash Signature Series from Gibson Guitars

The Man in the Hat has built a pretty solid reputation for himself. Even when everybody thought Guns N Roses was over, Slash’s tenacity for playing with other musicians as well as his work with Velvet Revolver helped to keep him in the spotlight over the years. No matter what project or era one examines Slash though, one thing remains the same: his iconic Gibson Les Paul. This summer, Gibson wishes to commemorate this living legend by releasing a Slash…

New Dunlop Mini Fuzz Faces Hit Shelves

Posted 04 Aug 2013 in Accessories, Gear News, News

As a producer of pedals, Dunlop has always been a bit overshadow. That’s not to say that they haven’t produced a wide range of adequate pedals over the year; the company has even had its fair share of excellent releases. What that is to say is that for low end pedals, most consumers lean towards Boss, while high end products tend to favor boutique brands. However, with the release of Dunlop’s Mini Fuzz Face pedals, this could all change. The…

Fenders Introduces Upgraded Modern Players

Posted 03 Aug 2013 in Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Featured, Gear News
Fender Modern Player

Fender has always been known for its innovation. From the implementation of the initial Strat designs to their forays into tribute guitars, the iconic American guitar manufacturer has built for itself a reputation of providing reliable, quality instruments. This legacy will most certainly be continued with the release of the new Modern Player 2.0’s. The Modern Player was originally released to compete with the low cost, entry level guitars offered by the likes of Gibson and Ibanez. Although Squire, Fender’s…

Gibson’s New Tour for Lefty’s

Posted 31 Jul 2013 in Electric Guitar, Gear News, Miscellaneous
Gibson Left Handed Guitar

Like a variety of other objects in one’s day-to-day life, guitars are more often than not built for right handed people. After all, the vast majority of players use their right hand to strum and left to finger, but not all players use those techniques. Left handed players often find themselves left out at guitar shops, shows, and in other music settings. However, guitar manufacturing giant Gibson is setting out to right this wrong.   The American guitar company will…

G & L Releases Jerry Cantrell Tribute

G&L Jerry Cantrell Tribute Guitar

G & L, the legendary guitar manufacturing company started by none other than Leo Fender, has never been shy of producing tribute guitars. Particularly in this last, the company has really focused on releasing partnered products with famous musicians. One of these musicians, Jerry Cantrell, is about to receive his second opportunity to create a custom guitar through G & L. Known for his work with popular band Alice In Chains, Cantrell has already released the highly successful G &…

Splash of Color: Vox’s New Look

Posted 15 Jul 2013 in Amplifiers, Gear News, General News, News
Vox AC15 and AC30 Amp

Since the releases of the AC15 and AC30 in late 1950’s, amplifier manufacturing company Vox has developed a distinctive look for themselves. The simple touches of gold and the iconic diamond grill cloth produced an amp that looked as uniquely spectacular as it sounded. Those familiar with guitar history know that these two amps not only went on to define the sounds of a number of important guitarists, but also the looks of these stars. After all, Brian May would…