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Metallica vs Mogwai: Lars Ulrich Fires Back

Posted 07 Jun 2014 in General News
Lars Ulrich

A few days back we reported on some drama surrounding Metallica’ performance at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.  There were two stories being reported.  One was that fans are protesting to have Glastonbury remove Metallica from their headlining slot due to the appearance of James Hetfield in a History Channel show about hunting bears.  The other issue stems from comments coming from the camp of the band Mogwai.  Lars Ulrich was asked about this and shared his thoughts on the matter….

Brad Paisley Uses Fan’s GoPro as Slide

Posted 06 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News, News
Brad Paisley

We want to start today’s piece off by reminding you that even though we aren’t a country focused music website we are Guitar News Daily. We don’t usually bring in too much content relating to country, unless it’s really good. However, we believe this piece of news qualifies as really good. Country star Brad Paisley had just finished a show outside of Chicago, and went to celebrate the night with a few other musician’s at a venue called Joe’s Pub….

Beastie Boys Awarded 1.7 Million In Copyright Lawsuit

Posted 06 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News, Music, News
Beastie Boys

Last week we reported on the lawsuit filed by the Beastie Boys against the Monster Energy Drink company for copyright infringement for the use of some of their songs in an advertisement.  The verdict is in and the Beasties were awarded a nice sum of money. There was initially some back and forth between the Beastie Boys and Monster regarding the amount of damages being requested.  The B-boys filed suit for $2.5 million while Monster countered saying that they were…

Win a Guitar Signed by Soundgarden


While their heyday is likely over, Seattle based grunge rock troubadours Soundgarden still have massive numbers of fans across the globe. As Soundgarden is touring in celebration of the 20 year anniversary of their album Superunknown they are also doing something to give back to their legion of loyal fans. In fact, chances are that a number of our readers are likely Soundgarden fans, as it’s a demographic our site appeals to. Because of that, we thought it would be…

Skaburbian Collective: Reggae Music From Sweden

Posted 04 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News, Music, News
Skaburbian Collective

The Skaburbian Collective is a reggae, rock outfit that calls Sweden their home base.  Yes, I know it sounds a little strange to think that the sunny vibes and reggae music is coming from Sweden but the Skaburbian Collective is much more than just a reggae band. I had the opportunity to  ask the guys from Skaburbian Collective a few questions to find out how they became a band and what pushed them into this genre of music.  One thing…

Jack White Streaming New Album And Feuding With The Black Keys

Posted 04 Jun 2014 in General News
Jack White Lazaretto

Fans of Jack White are quite excited for next week, as it marks both the release of Jack White’s new solo album and his performance as a headliner at the massive Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The album is set to drop on the Tuesday before the festival begins, June 10th. However, if you want to get in on the action early, you can actually stream Lazaretto in its entirety through iTunes. While this won’t guarantee you a copy of…

Turkuaz: Getting Downright Funky on a Stage Near You

Posted 03 Jun 2014 in Artist News, General News

For the last several years the band Turkuaz has been making music, playing shows and adding to their ever-expanding fan base.  Fresh off a successful Summer Camp 2014 performance the band is heading into a very busy summer.  With more than 40 shows planned between now and the end of August things don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  That’s good news if you are a fan of the funk! I had the opportunity to ask Craig Brodhead…

What’s The Story Behind The Buffalove Music Festival?

Posted 30 May 2014 in General News
Buffalove Music Festival

If you ever wondered what it takes to turn a love of live music into a full blown festival we’ve got some inside details for you.  We’ve been covering the Buffalove Music Festival and some of the bands that will be performing at the June 19-21 event. Now we can take a look backstage and see how this festival got off the ground. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to talk to Cody Conway who is the President…

10th Annual Mountain Jam: The Countdown Is On

Posted 30 May 2014 in General News, News, Performance
Mountain Jam Music Festival

The 10th annual Mountain Jam music festival is set to take place June 5-8, 2014.   If there is any way you can make your way to Hunter Mountain in Hunter, NY you should get there because the lineup is one not to be missed. With festivals galore New York is set for an awesome Summer of music.  There’s the Catskill Chill Music Festival as well as the Buffalove Music Festival.  Don’t forget about the 2014 Mountain Jam.  It certainly…

Catskill Chill Music Festival: Unique Event In A Unique Setting

Posted 29 May 2014 in General News, Music, News
Catskill Chill Music Festival

There is a festival taking place September 5-7th that should be on your radar.  If its not make sure you take a few minutes to look into the lineup that will be playing at this year’s Catskill Chill Music Festival. If you haven’t heard of the Catskill Chill Music Festival don’t worry because I’m going to tell you a little about it.  I’ve also reached out and hope to follow up this article with as many interviews as possible from…