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Guitar Laptop Mod Visualises Music

Posted 03 Jun 2008 in Electric Guitar, Hardware

Someone decided it would be cool to mod a guitar with a laptop screen, and then display a visualisation based on the tunes generated by said Franken-tar.  Check out a video of this “LCDetar” in action, plus photos of it being constructed. I’m not sure whether to be awed by its mesmerising effects, or yell at it for reminding me of the horror of Windows Media Player.

Maximising Your Guitar’s Potential

Posted 31 May 2008 in Electric Guitar, Hardware

The folks over at Sales to Business have published an article on maximising your guitar’s potential – a.k.a. setting it up correctly for playability and tone. What is ‘guitar setup’? Basically it means to have the specifications adjusted to the actual factory standards or your personal specs. Simply put, a set-up includes: #1. adjusting the height of the strings over the neck #2. making sure your frets are level or the same height all the way up the neck #3. intonation #4….

Aged Relic Guitar Project

Posted 29 May 2008 in Electric Guitar, Hardware

Check out this multi-part series from Electric Guitar Review, where they attempt to create a faux-vintage guitar through various ageing techniques. In the Grand American Spirit of destruction, experimentation, and good old “I-can-do-better-than-that-guy” chutzpah, I’ve decided to take a stab at creating my own Telecaster “Relic,” one piece of sand paper at a time… ooooh, you just know it’s gonna’ hurt. Not for the faint hearted, methinks – especially if you’re starting out with a nice shiny piece of hardware.

Build Your Own Guitar

Posted 27 May 2008 in Electric Guitar, Hardware

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a wanna-be luthier, these articles will certainly pique your interest. 1. The Reesely Strat This page describes how I built an electric guitar, it has a bunch of pictures and a fairly detailed explanation of the steps. If you have the usual power tools and some experience in woodworking, this page should get you up and running. This is the third guitar I’ve built, this is one is done in the style of a…

Electric guitar basics: Guitar pickups

Posted 25 May 2008 in Electric Guitar, Hardware

Many of us guitarists often take for granted the operation of our guitars. You get a guitar, plug in a few cables, turn on your amp and voila! You start playing! While playing electric guitar should be like watching TV: You turn on the TV and watch it – you don’t really have to know how the TV works; it can be of benefit to a guitarist to know some basics of how their guitars ‘tick’ in order to get…