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Should Leonardo DiCaprio Appear on Stage with Meshuggah?

Posted 21 Feb 2014 in General News, Miscellaneous, Performance
Leonardo DiCaprio

Take a minute and look at that headline again. It seems like a bit of a ludicrous question, but we assure you, the formidable voice of the people has risen up in a resounding yes. This is true enough, but let’s back up a little bit. A little while ago, Leonard DiCaprio released a movie titled The Wolf of Wall Street, which portrayed the rougher edges of businessmen existing solely for profit. It was a decent movie, but one keen…

Billy Corgin Announces 8 Hour Set

Posted 19 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Miscellaneous, News
Billy Corgin

Billy Corgin, the now hairless frontman of Smashing Pumpkins, recently made a somewhat bewildering but entirely exciting announcement: he plans to play an immensely long set inside of a tea shop, of all places. Madame Zuzu’s Tea Shop, which is a favorite local hangout among Chicagoans, has agreed to host the event, which will start at noon on February 28th. Plans are for the show to let out sometime around 9 pm. Best of all, this show is free, so…

Squarepusher to Team Up with Z-Machines


Typically when you hear the word robotic in relation to music, it’s being used as a synonym for describing bland music without any semblance of emotion. Here, however, we are employing a much more literal use of the word: electronic pioneers Squarepusher have teamed up with some robotics developers to create an entirely automated (and slightly terrifying) 78 fingered robot player. The guitarist robot has 22 arms, can hold up to 12 picks at a time, and blazes through licks…

New Led Zeppelin Book Hits Shelves

Posted 15 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Industry Insights, Miscellaneous

While certainly deserving of merit in their own right, books have never really been something that people typically classify under the label of “rock and roll.” Despite this, a recent print publication has firmly grasped the attention of the public. The book is straightforwardly titled The Story Behind Every Led Zeppelin Song, and the text provides just that. Over the course of nearly 200 pages, the book provides in depth analysis, pictures, and interviews with the people, places, and times…

Amy Herbst’s Unique Problem

Posted 03 Feb 2014 in Artist News, General News, Miscellaneous

Fans, today we have a piece of news for you that’s a bit unusual. Amy Herbst, a singer in the Nashville Opera Company, is suing the government over a botched episiotomy during child birth last February. While nothing life threatening seems to have happened, Herbst did experience one major side effect: the inability to sing without farting. Indeed, every time this poor opera singer opens her mouth to sing a note, her rear end chimes in as well. Herbst claims…

Thanks To Joe Bonamassa You Could Win a Gibson 335 Guitar!

Posted 17 Jan 2014 in Miscellaneous, News

These days, one often hears about the downsides of music, like a Slipknot fan killing himself or another celebrity slipping down the slick slopes of addiction. However, that just makes it all the more uplifting to hear stories of musical goodwill such as the following one courtesy of Joe Bonamassa. Joe Bonamassa, the living blues legend hailed by many in the music scene as one of the most talented players alive, is running a campaign with his nonprofit, “The Keeping…

GND Writer Featured on Musician’s Friend

Posted 16 Dec 2013 in Miscellaneous, News
Musician's Friend

Here at Guitar News Daily, we support music in all forms. This includes recordings, live performances, discussion, and even other music blogs. In fact, our dedication to the music scene is so sincere that we even try to contribute to other blogs and publications. This week, we would like to introduce our readers to our friends over at Musician’s Friend. You may know them as the premier online store for musical gear, but Musician’s Friend also has a vibrant, active…

Christopher Lee Releases Metal Christmas Single

Posted 16 Dec 2013 in Miscellaneous, Music, News
Christopher Lee

Now, upon first reading of that headline, we admit it sounds a bit ridiculous. Surely we couldn’t mean that Christopher Lee. After all, the man played Sauraman in Lord of the Rings, Dracula in so many renditions of the series, and Count Dooku in the Star Wars series. He’s like 91 years old, for goodness sake. There’s no way he could be releasing metal music at that… …oh? What’s that? This is the very same Christopher Lee? What a prolific…

Orange Amplifications to Host Annual Classic Rock Roll of Honour

Posted 02 Oct 2013 in Amplifiers, Industry Insights, Miscellaneous
Classic Rock Roll of Honour

For the third year straight, popular amp company Orange has been announced as the face, host, and sponsor behind the iconic Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards. Slated to be held in London on November 14th, these awards focused on anything and everything that relate to rock. Previous winners include ZZ Top, the holders of the prestigious Living Legends award, Lyrnrd Skynyrd, possessors of the Comback award and Rush and Pink Floyd, who defend the Album of the Year and…

Fake Van Halen and Michael Jackson Guitar At Jesse Jackson Jr Auction

Posted 23 Sep 2013 in Artist News, Industry Insights, Miscellaneous
Jesse Jackson Jr

Remember last February when Senator Jesse Jackson Jr. got arrested for misuse of campaign donations? For those a bit foggy about their political history, Jackson basically used the money that should have gone towards his congressional campaign to purchase a variety of personal objects such as home improvements, fancy cigars, and pop culture memorabilia. Jackson would later plead guilty and in August was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison. One of the items Jackson purchased was a guitar which…