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Influential Songwriter J.J. Cale Passes Away

Posted 29 Jul 2013 in General News, Music, News
J. J Cale

While it’s always a sad occurrence to see the death of a musician, the passing of J.J. Cale will leave an enormous gap in the musical world. Passing away due to a heart attack at the age of 73, Cale certainly lived a full life, right up till the end. As a songwriter, Cale rarely received the recognition or respect of a touring act, but this does not mean that his songs went unheard. In fact, Cale’s worked with Eric…

Rolling Stones Release Exclusive Live Album

Posted 24 Jul 2013 in Artist News, Featured, General News, Music, News, Performance
Rolling Stones

Hyde Park has always been a cultural center for the city of London. The massive city park, which has long been a meeting grounds for demonstrators, has a functioning speaker’s corner and occasionally, an active stage. This stage would have been particularly active on the sweltering night of July 5th, 1969, when international icons the Rolling Stones first took the stage to commemorate the death of bandmate Brian Jones, whose death had happened just two days prior. This first Hyde…

Google and Other Companies Take New Approach To Piracy

Posted 19 Jul 2013 in General News, Music, News
Google Piracy

Google cuts advertising to popular torrent sites. Music piracy is a pretty big deal these days. Since the emergence of Napster, the first large peer-to-peer (P2P) music sharing website, the overall profits of the music industry have decreased by nearly 50%. Although the use of popular torrent sites to download music have slowed in growth over the last several years, it is still estimated that between 4-10 trillion songs are downloaded illegally each year. Clearly, these huge numbers are having…

Glastonbury Festival Gets Going…Rolling Stones Set To Headline

Posted 26 Jun 2013 in General News, Music, News
Glastonbury Festival

Its hard to believe how long the Glastonbury Festival has been around but today the gates opened for another year.  There are more than 2,000 acts scheduled to perform this year but many are awaiting the performance from the Rolling Stones. The first Glastonbury event took place in 1970…I wasn’t even alive then…and the crowd, if you can call about 1,500 people a crowd, was mainly made up of hippies looking for a place to hang out and hear some…

Guitar News Daily: Thoughts on the 12.12.12 Concert for Sandy Relief

Posted 14 Dec 2012 in Featured, Music, News, Performance

Did you see the six hour and 30 minute 12.12.12 Concert last night?  We did and we want to tell you our thoughts on this epic gathering of some of the greatest bands in Rock N Roll history and break down the good, bad and ugly of last night’s even….and of course Kanye West…whatever the hell THAT was. Lets begin with the good.  For the most part (again…barring Kanye West) the lineup was truly amazing.  Where would you be able…

Free Download: Metallica June 17, 1994


This is something I just came across and wanted to share as I know we have a ton of Metallica fans out there.  There isn’t much of a major story here other than the fact that you can download some free Metallica music from back in the day!  This isn’t the first offering from the band however it is the most recent and is really a classic Metallica show including many of their high energy, hi octane hits. 1. Master…

Foo Fighters Rock for the Apple iPhone 5

Posted 29 Sep 2012 in Featured, General News, Music, News, Performance
Foo Fighters

There’s been tons of news about the release of the new iPhone 5 from Apple.  You’ve been bombarded with countless commercials as well as being flooded with endless iPhone 5 rumors, reviews and critiques.  Its kind of annoying but whatever…this article isn’t so much about the iPhone 5 but more about a musically related twist on all of the iPhone 5 news and hype that’s been everywhere lately.  This one somehow slipped under my radar but since it involves one…

Metallica: 2009 Quebec City World Magnetic Concerts DVD! You Decide The Setlist!

Posted 23 Sep 2012 in Artist News, Featured, Music, News, Performance
Metallica Death Magnetic

Just the other day Metallica announced that their 2009 World Magnetic concerts from Quebec City will be released as a two disc DVD set combining the best of both shows.  Scheduled for a December release I’d be willing to bet that there will be many happy Metallica fans waking up Christmas morning to find the new concert DVD under the tree. Additionally, and pretty freaking cool if you ask me,  the masters of metal have asked their fans to vote…

Led Zeppelin Reunion?

Posted 22 Sep 2012 in Featured, General News, Music, News, Performance
Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential bands of all time have reunited….ok…I know that is kind of misleading but the surviving members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones did get back together to hold a press conference to talk about their upcoming DVD entitled Celebration Day.  Celebration Day was filmed back in 2007 as the mighty Led Zeppelin got back together to perform at the O2 Arena in London.  Celebration Day was performed in memory of Ahmet…

Check Out New Music From ZZ Top, Jack White, Bob Dylan And More

Posted 21 Sep 2012 in General News, Music, News
Jack White - Blunderbuss

The latest Billboard Top 200 album chart is out and its packed with some killer music to send you into the weekend on a high note.  We already know that The Dave Matthews Band’s latest release Away From The World is on top of the charts and here are a few more new albums that Guitar News Daily recommends adding to your library. Lets take a look at a few more of the top new album releases. Tempest – Bob…