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Newbie to Roadie in Two Weeks?

Posted 13 Jun 2008 in Electric Guitar, Performance, Technique

Is two weeks is too short a time for a complete newcomer to become proficient enough to perform as part of a band?  Simon Talbot, 41, took up this challenge using Richard Delyn’s Easy Guitar Method, involving one intensive 30 minute session a day.  His aim was to play the Snow Patrol song “You’re All I Have” alongside The Picturehouse Big Band, and after two weeks of practice, this was his impression of the show: “For the first verse I was biting…

Creating Your Own Guitar Style

Posted 08 Jun 2008 in Technique

Eugene Walker from The Baron gives us some pointers in creating your own guitar style, with this thoughtfully written post. If you take a moment to examine some of your guitar heroes now, you’ll find that they created their own style that made them famous by integrating various techniques from other guitarists and fusing them together. Many also took the core idea of a few different genres and combined them to create what would then become a new style.. His…

Joe Satriani’s Guitar Tips

Posted 25 May 2008 in Electric Guitar, Technique

I absolutely loved this 7 minute video from Joe Satriani, about guitar techniques and tips, ranging from simple bending techniques to stretching chord progressions.  Enjoy!