The Chad Smith vs. Will Ferrell Drum Battle Will Happen!

Posted 25 Feb 2014 in Artist News, Miscellaneous, Performance

A few weeks ago, the internet was taken by storm by the release of several different photographs comparing famous comedian Will Ferrell to the drummer of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Chad Smith. It makes sense why this went viral; take a look at the picture below and just try to tell us Smith and Ferrell don’t look eerily identical.

Chad Smith vs Will Ferrell

Soon after the pictures went viral, a movement formed demanding that Ferrell and Smith face off in an epic drum vs. cowbell battle. This seemed hilarious, yet unrealistic, but eventually both men agreed to do the battle so long as one condition was met: $300,000 must be raised for the Cancer for College fund.


Well, congratulations internet. You did it. With one day left to spare, the Cancer for College fundraiser officially surpassed $300,000, and both men have stated their intent to participate in the battle. Although an official date has yet to be announced, chances are this showdown will happen during one of RHCP’s upcoming shows. We can’t wait for this to go down, as chances are it will be utterly hilarious. Thoughts or concerns? Leave them below in the comments section.


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