Chaosound Release Anti-Effect Pedal

Posted 22 Oct 2013 in Effects

Ever wondered how your favorite artists were able to so masterfully control the feedback and line cuts present in their favorite tunes? Chances are it’s a combination of years of experience and studio work, but you can skip all that hard work by ordering the new Anti-Effect pedal from the Polish electronics company Chaosound.


The Anti-Effect Pedal is pretty unique; rather than augmenting your sound or altering it in some way, it instead alternates the sound between cut in and cut out. This sounds quite a bit like someone thrusting a guitar cable in and out of the jack, and produces an effect that is quite unique and entirely cool.


There are two different foot toggles on the Anti-Effect pedal, both of which are momentary. When either is pressed, the effect is active until the switch is released. There are also rate, depth, and rhythmic pattern controls for each of the two switches.


Currently, these pedals are on the market for just under $239, but chances are that price will drop as more and more used equipment becomes available. For readers who actually have a chance at obtaining one of these, we wholeheartedly recommend it: few effects sound as unique and intense as this bad boy.

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