Check Out These Marshall Amps!

Marshall Red

NAMM 2014 brought us quite a bit of excitement this year, but perhaps one of the coolest demos of all came us to us courtesy of Marshall Amps. Their Custom Shop wing teamed up with a group of tattooists to create custom covers for several of their most popular models. The artists selected were typically young and upcoming tattooists, and their artwork features a variety of styles and genres. The heads featured were the JV1H and the JVM410H each with a different cabinet, C110 and 1960A respectively. Additionally, a JVM215C combo amp was modified. We think the new threads look great on these amps; it’s a refreshing change to some of the world’s most popular amps.

Marshall White

Unfortunately, these amps are only available on a limited run, but there’s good news: global purchases for the amps opened on January 23rd. However, they will close for good on the last day of 2014. All 3 of these amps are available for $898, and your cab and head come together as a set. If any of our readers end up getting their hands on one of these bad boys, be sure and let us know!

Marshall White 2


Marshall Black

Marshall Green

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