Creed Frontman Scott Stapp Makes Threats Against President Obama

Posted 12 Dec 2014 in News

At one time Creed was one of the biggest bands in the world.  They pumped out hit after hit and you could barely turn on the radio without hearing one of their songs.  But things have got quite dark for Scott Stapp in recent months.You may remember a few months back when reports began to surface the ex-frontman Scott Stapp was broke and living in a Holiday Inn or on the streets.  As sad as that sounds things have become even more scary for the former rock star.

Scott Stapp

Reports have started circulating from TMZ based on an audio recording they received.  The tape is of a 911 call placed by Stapp’s wife and her sister.  In the tape she attempts to tell the local police about her husband and how she needs the help of the police.  The 911 operator begins by asking questions like ‘why are you calling the police’.  Stapp’s estranged wife lets the officer know that her husband has serious mental issue and she feels he is a danger to himself and potentially others.  She details his illness and rehab stints and notifies the operator that he is now off the drugs but self medicating.

In the latest bizarre incident she describes how Scott Stapp believes he is in the CIA and is on a mission to kill president Obama.  She goes on to advise that he is riding around on his bike, shirtless, carrying two backpacks which he says contain CIA documents.  She also told the police that aside from the ‘CIA Documents’ he also has several tools like a wrench and a screwdriver with him.

You can listen to the call here.





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