Dopapod Show Cut Short Due To Fire

Posted 22 Nov 2014 in News, Performance

On Friday night Dopapod took the stage at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC.  The band was set to play to fans to celebrate the release of their new album Never Odd Or Even.  To say the band was ‘on fire’ is more of a literal than a figurative statement.Dopapod

The band and fans were stoked to watch a great show but things changed towards the end of the first set.  As the band was playing ‘Vol 3 #86’ fans noticed something that wasn’t quite right.  It had nothing to do with the band either as Dopapod was rocking the house as usual.  What happened next is something no one ever wants to see and I can imagine it was kind of scary.  As the band played the crowd began pointing to the top of a P.A. stack of speakers which had flames coming from them.  No this wasn’t special effects…it was a legit fire.


Fans point to the flaming stack of speakers at the Dopapod show.

Thankfully the staff at the Gramercy acted quickly and got the venue cleared without incident…other than the small fire.  The FDNY was called in and the flames were extinguished but unfortunately the rest of the concert had to be cancelled ‘due to flammable equipment.’  Again…we are glad to report that there were no injuries.


The fans although disappointed that the show ended early handled the situation with class.  These kind of things can go one of two ways.  There could be a crowd of pissed off angry fans ready to break everything in sight or the fans could be calm, cool, collected and help each other out of the venue and bring the party to the streets or save it for another night.  Thankfully in this instance it was the latter.

Dopapod apologized to the crowd in attendance via twitter and also offered to let people in for half price if they brought their ticket stub from Friday’s shortened show to tonight’s show at District N9ne in Philadelphia.




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