Download Festival Headliner Announced

Posted 04 Nov 2013 in Artist News, Industry Insights

Every year in June, the entertainment company Live Nation puts on a little show called Download Festival. Held in Donington Park over in England, the three day festival typically brings in over 100,000 and focuses on the heavy rock and metal community. Because of this focus, it was exciting but not surprising to hear the announcement of their Friday night headliner: Avenged Sevenfold.

Download Festival

Avenged Sevenfold released their latest full length, Hail to the King, back in August, and have been touring to support that album ever since. The album has beloved by critics for its abrasive jams and signature Avenged Sevenfold ‘evil’ sound; fans have been even more generous with their approval by purchasing over 159,000 copies in the first week. These sales allowed Hail to the King to take the number one spot on charts across the UK.


While no other headliners have been announced for the other two dates of this year’s Download Festival, speculations are running wild. One popular suggestion is that of Slayer, who have announced work on a new album. This might seem absurd at first, but seeing as last year’s lineup featured everyone from Limp Bizkit to Jimmy Eat World to HIM, it truly seems that anything is possible.


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  2. (20 Feb 2014, 8:17)

    Being that i absolutely love Neon Trees I was keen to see themlive. however i was also a bit hesitant as i have really liked other bands but have found their live shows not what i had hoped for. Definately not the case here. Hearing Tyler Glenn sing live you really appreciate the talent this guy has. His voice did not waver once during the whole show.Which is an accomplishment on it own considering the amount of energy he puts into his performance. Tylers story telling explaining some of the songs was really a hit with everyone I spoke to after the show.Not forgeting the rest of the band who were also spot on with the music and Elaine Bradley was amazing on drums. I had taken a few friends who loved Animal but werent really fans. Mainly because they just hadnt taken the time to listen to any of their other music. They are all now just like me desperately hoping to hear they will be back again soon.Also made a few friend after the show who were also blown away by the show and are hoping to see them here again. As far as the age of the crowd goes yeah there was a large young crowd but iam a 45yr mum and i definately was not the oldest there. This band really does appeal to all ages and i hope we get to experience alot more of their shows in Melbourne. Another thing that I thought was great is that the guitarist David Charles tried to grab a bite to eat from the 7/11 on the corner and when he was recognised took the time not only to have photos taken but also stayed and just chatted even though his food wouldve been going cold. Definately think anyone who takes the time to see Neon Trees live will not be disappointed.

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