Dozens Added to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted 18 Dec 2013 in Artist News, Industry Insights, News

Any true rock fan knows that the fabled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland often holds rather perturbing opinions on whom should be inducted. After all, the Hall withheld its coveted spots from artists like Deep Purple and Peter Frampton for years. Really. That Peter Frampton. He seems like he should be their cover boy. Luckily, Pete and dozens of other artists will be inducted in 2014 and awarded their rightful spot in hall. Except for Deep Purple. Turns out “Smoke on the Water” still isn’t quite good enough for the Hall. Hrumph.

Rock And Roll Hall  Of Fame

Anyways, among the inductees are Nirvana, KISS, Bruce Springsteen, Hall and Oates, Brian Epstein, and Peter Gabriel. If that seems like a pretty stacked list, it’s because it is. While fans understand that the Hall wants to maintain high standards for their inductees, it’s a little concerning that they seem this behind the times. I mean, Nirvana was a big deal. Even people who don’t listen to rock music know that Nirvana was a big deal. But you know who was an even bigger deal? KISS. Or Bruce Springsteen. While we appreciate that these icons are finally getting recognition in the Hall of Fame, if the Hall wants to remain relevant, it really should be more on top of inducting artists. Still, congrats to all involved.


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