Eric Clapton Talks Touring

Posted 01 Jul 2014 in Artist News

Recently, we made the announcement that blues legend Eric Clapton is reaching the end of his touring days; 2015 should mark the end of the live career of one of the world’s preeminent guitarists. However, in a recent uncut, Clapton revealed exactly why he was quitting touring. In his own words:

Eric Clapton

“The road has become unbearable. It’s become unapproachable, because it takes so long to get anywhere. It’s hostile – everywhere: getting in and out of airports, travelling on planes and in cars.”


While we can certainly agree with Clapton’s sentiments, it’s saddening to see another legend pass into retirement. However, fans can rejoice in the fact that Clapton has announced plans to continue work in the studio, “within reason.” So while we won’t be able to see the bluesman play live, at least he’ll continue to pump out new tunes. However, with a string of recent health ailments, Clapton’s guitar days may be behind him. Although he hasn’t specified which infirmities he’s suffering, Clapton has revealed that on occasion playing guitar puts him in deep pain. Hopefully, the pain will recede and Clapton can continue doing what he does best: making great music.


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