Fender Releases Green Day Tribute

Posted 25 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Bass Guitar, Gear News

Remember Green Day? They were that punk band that rocked America during the earlier part of the 2000’s with singles like “Holiday” and “American Idiot”. The California four piece helped to promote the careers of lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt.

green day fender tribute

Dirnt recently received a new honor in his career: a Fender/Squire tribute bass. Only given to the top echelons of bass players, a tribute bass is the result of months of collaboration between the artist and Fender/Squire. The ensuing bass is chock feel of small featured and modifications that resemble the bass player’s exact preferences.


In this case, two basses were released. The Fender Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision Bass is being offered in a white blonde and a 3 color sunburst. Squire released their own version of the guitar, the Squire Mike Dirnt Precision Bass. Available in black and white, the bass is actually a remodeling of the classic ’50’s Fender P Bass.


The Fender Mike Dirnt tribute sells new just over a grand, while Squire’s edition will run just under two hundred bucks. Both of these basses are stellar additions to the Fender collection and truly encapsulate the punk rock feeling that made Green Day so popular.

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