Fender Releases Vaporizer Amps

Posted 02 Jan 2014 in Amplifiers, Gear News, News

Every year, lead companies in the music industry gather together at a little event called NAMM to show off their newest innovations. This is a great opportunity for companies to highlight their new product lines and get a bit of publicity, but some companies, like Fender, don’t like to announce their new products at the same time as everyone else. Thus, it should come as no surprise to Fender fans that the megalithic company has rolled out a new amp a couple weeks ahead of everyone else. Called the Vaporizer, this new Fender amp is quite sleek and compact. Modeled after designs popular in the “Atom Age”, the Vaporizer simply reeks of classiness.

Fender Vaporizer Amp

As far as the specs go, the Vaporizer isn’t anything too special. It’s got two inputs, 2×10 drivers, and the usual Fender tone and volume controls. The amp is run entirely through valves; this feature can actually be highlighted by the new “Vaporizer” button on the amp, which allows users to bypass tone and volume controls to tap directly into that sweet tube-y warmth. At only 17” in height, this isn’t the biggest amp around by any means, but we suspect plenty of people will be in awe of the Vaporizer’s unique looks.

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