Fenders Introduces Upgraded Modern Players

Posted 03 Aug 2013 in Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Featured, Gear News

Fender has always been known for its innovation. From the implementation of the initial Strat designs to their forays into tribute guitars, the iconic American guitar manufacturer has built for itself a reputation of providing reliable, quality instruments. This legacy will most certainly be continued with the release of the new Modern Player 2.0’s.

Fender Modern Player

The Modern Player was originally released to compete with the low cost, entry level guitars offered by the likes of Gibson and Ibanez. Although Squire, Fender’s junior company, offers a variety of inexpensive guitars, the Modern Player’s were slated to become the Fender guitar for new players.


With the Modern Player 2.0, however, more advanced players will not feel at limited. Featuring a number of improvements, including a wider, easier to handle fretboard and advanced electronics, the 2.0’s offer a much higher degree of control and playability than their predecessors.


The Modern Player line currently holds a number of Fender options. So far, Stratocasters, Jazzmasters, and Mustangs guitars are available, as well Jazz, Jazz V, and Dimension bass models. Clearly, the Modern Player series has something to offer for new players no matter what their musical interest.


Of course, the flagship selling point of the Modern Players are their price. Ranging from $560 to $800, these guitars may be a little more pricey than other entry level guitars, but if the new series of Modern Player’s garner a fraction of the respect and popularity of the original series, Fender can consider this release yet another success.

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