Foo Fighters New Album: HBO Documentary Coming Soon

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Dave Grohl is at it again!  I have no problem admitting that in my personal opinion Paul McCartney is the coolest person alive.  The reasons for that statement about Sir Paul are fairly obvious if you know anything about the history of music and Paul will occupy the top spot as the king of cool until the time comes for him to move on to another plane of existence.  However, Dave Grohl is making a strong case to fill the shoes of Paul McCartney when the time comes.  No clue what I’m talking about?  Keep reading to see how the new Foo Fighters album is making history.

Dave Grohl guitar

Lets start with a quick history lesson.  Dave Grohl…Nirvana drummer (that would be enough right there to make him pretty cool in most books), Foo Fighters singer/songwriter and guitar, music producer, film maker (see Sound City), rock star, dad, husband  and now….documentarian.  Music fans should be thankful that Grohl is so involved in the music scene.  At least I am…

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The Foo Fighters are set to release a new album soon.  So what right?  That’s what bands do.  They make music and then share that music with the people.  Duh.  But this album is being done in a very different and extremely cool way.  The next release from the Foo’s was recorded in 8 legendary studios.  They stopped in…laid down some tracks and did some editing and then moved on to the next studio.

Dave Grohl Sound City

Some of the famous studios where the latest Foo Fighters effort was recorded include:

  • Electric Audio – This Chicago studio is owned by Steve Albini.  Notable artists who have used this location include Nirvana and Page & Plant.
  • Inner Ear Studios – Located in Washington DC and owned by Don Zientara.  This studio boasts that artists such as Fugazi/SOA have recorded there.
  • Rancho De La Luna – Queens of the Stone Age and Scream have recorded here.

Those are a few of the legendary studios where Grohl and fellow bandmates Tyler Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear (one of the greatest rock n roll names ever) have created tunes for the upcoming album.

So that might now sound all that cool to you…yet.  What makes this new release stand out from the crowd is that not only did they record the music.  Grohl decided it would make sense to turn this into a soon to be named series for HBO.  The untitled HBO effort will document the process the band went through to record the album.

Dave Grohl daughter

Even better than that Dave Grohl managed to secure interviews from many of his idols as well as very respected members of the music community.  So far we’ve heard that Nancy Wilson of Heart, Paul Stanley of Kiss,  Joe Walsh from the Eagles and Ian MacKaye front man of Minor Threat and Fugazi will be included in the HBO series.  I’m sure there will also be more rockers included and we will keep you posted as more news comes out.

Michael Lombardo is the President of HBO Programming.  He released the following statement about the upcoming Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters project.

Dave’s heartfelt passion for this project is contagious and his talent as a musician and filmmaker is undeniable.  We are excited to go on this journey with him and the Foo Fighters for this insider’s look at how regional music inspired them to create their own new music.

The Foo Fighters will be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band.  If that doesn’t make you feel old you should take some time and read that again.  The Foo Fighters are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band!  The HBO series that will let users experience what it was like making this album is scheduled to premiere later in the year on the eve of that band milestone.

If you want to get a glimpse into the film making ability and general all around coolness that is Dave Grohl you should take the time to check out Sound City.  Believe me…it’s worth the time to watch.

Just in case you forgot how well the Foo Fighters rock here’s a little clip to tide you over until the new album comes out.

Source: Graham ‘Gruhamed’ Hartmann via Loudwire

We are excited to go on this journey with him and the Foo Fighters for this insider’s look at how regional music inspired them to create their own new music.Read More: Foo Fighters To Document Eighth Studio Album With HBO Series |


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