Foo Fighters Rock for the Apple iPhone 5

Posted 29 Sep 2012 in Featured, General News, Music, News, Performance

There’s been tons of news about the release of the new iPhone 5 from Apple.  You’ve been bombarded with countless commercials as well as being flooded with endless iPhone 5 rumors, reviews and critiques.  Its kind of annoying but whatever…this article isn’t so much about the iPhone 5 but more about a musically related twist on all of the iPhone 5 news and hype that’s been everywhere lately.  This one somehow slipped under my radar but since it involves one of my personal favorite artists of all time I felt like it was worth posting.

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters played at the iPhone 5 launch event earlier this month.  I know the Foo’s are super cool and hugely popular (in my opinion by far the best ‘rock’ band in the last 10 or so years) but it kind of caught me off guard to see them playing at the Apple iPhone 5 launch event.  They didn’t seem to just get up there and run through their set either.  According to a quote from the Guardian Dave Grohl let the crowd know how happy was to be there stating,

One of the incredible things about being here is that you’re meeting people who are shaping our future,

Grohl went on to say,

And just like Little Richard, Tom Petty, Jimmy Page, these are just people who took it upon themselves to change our future, but you meet them and they’re people! And this one’s dedicated to all those people…

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more (not that you care what I think).  Apple and their iPhone line have made some tremendous advances and we happen to have been born at just the right time to get to take advantage of all of this great technology.

The acoustic set was short.  Only 3 songs but its definitely worth a few minutes to check out.  Any time you can see the ex Nirvana drummer and current guitar rock god jam is absolutely worth the time.  The set included classic Foo Fighters hits Times Like These, Hero & Walk.  Keep your eyes open because there was one really weird (at least to me) moment in the video where you see this killer rock band on the stage, with the huge Apple Logo behind them and the entire crowd seems to be sitting audience style, nice and polite, with a ton of iPads and Mac computers in front of them.  Kinda surreal but still cool.

Hopefully the Foo’s are hitting the road soon and we’ll all be able to see a full blown show that kicks you in  the teeth with the pounding drums and blaring guitars flood our senses.  The Foo Fighters website has a banner at the top of their Tour page stating,

We Are Coming For You Too.  More Shows Being Added Here Soon.

Anyway, check it out for yourself…


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