Former Eagles Record Executive Jerry Sharell Held Hostage

Posted 16 Sep 2013 in Industry Insights, Miscellaneous, News

Though many people may not recognize the name Jerry Sharell, chances are they have been exposed to his work. His career began back in the 1970’s and allowed him the opportunity to work through Elektra Records with acts such as The Eagles, Motley Crue, and Linda Ronstadt.

Jerry Sharell

Sadly, Sharell and his girlfriend recently took part in a tragic event, as Sharell’s girlfriend’s ex-husband approached Sharell and his girlfriend with a machete. The resulting conflict ended with Sharell surviving several cuts to the neck and his girlfriend receiving a similar caliber of injuries. The assailant then used the machete to cut his own wrists and before authorities could apprehend him. However, Sharell’s girlfriend called the police in time, and both Sharell and the assailant survived and are in stable conditions at a nearby hospital.


In all, the couple were held hostage for five hours outside of the girlfriend’s home in Los Angeles. Due to simple privacy, the woman chose not to release her name or the assailant’s name, though it has been deduced that there was a preexisting restraining order on the ex-husband. Thankfully, no lives were lost in this unfortunate situation.

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