Funktional Flow: Funktionally Flowing For Free Tonight

Posted 31 May 2014 in Artist News, Music, News

This may not be national music news yet but one of our main missions here at Guitar News Daily is to help share our love of music with our readers.  So with that being said, if you are in the area and looking for a spot to see some good music tonight swing by Moonshiners Pub and check out Funktional Flow.

Funktional Flow logo

You might be asking why are we posting this as news?  Well, like I said we just want to help put the word about as much good music as we can.  As I’ve been doing some research on some of the summer concert festivals taking place this year I was talking to Cody Conway, President of BuffaLive Productions LLC about the upcoming Buffalove Music Festival.  As I was checking out some of the bands playing this year I came across Funktional Flow and started checking out some of their songs.  I recommend you take a few minutes to go to their website and watch a couple of the videos the band has posted.

Funktional Flow Live

I set out this morning to write an article about a band that was playing at one of the festivals we’ve covered already.   Cody had mentioned Funktional Flow in our last conversation so I figured let me start there.  I went to the website, found a video, turned up my speakers and walked away to make some coffee.  As I was messing around my place the music was playing in the background and I pretty much forgot that I had initially turned on the tunes as research for this article.  After getting my head right I figured I’d better get this article written.  That’s when I sat down in front of the computer and was actually watching AND listening to the band jam.

Here’s what I heard.

I’ll say ‘funk’ first because that’s the most obvious based on their name so naturally they better be funky.  The band certainly lives up to that moniker.

The next thing I noticed was that my foot was constantly tapping to the very danceable grooves the band was putting down.  They weren’t afraid to stretch out and let let the songs natural ebb and flow build to some pretty big crescendos.  Like some of my other favorite bands there were several times where I thought a jam was coming to an end only to be pleasantly surprised to hear Funktional Flow take it up another level.

They have a nice blend of mellowness (is that a word) and edge at the same time.  The combination of melodic, rhythmic guitars, bass and drums mixed with some ‘crunchy’ guitar makes my ears smile.

Funktional Flow schedule

Making my way through more of their videos I hear the influence of a lot of bands.  I’m not going to call out specific ones because its not a bad thing at all.  Everyone has influences.  They make the sound their own.  If you take the time to give them a listen you can form your own opinion but regardless of what you think of the sound its tight and the music is fun to listen to.

Funktional Flow is making their way around  NY this summer and it would be worth the time to catch a show if you can.  An added benefit is that the next couple of shows are free.  Starting tonight, weather permitting, you can catch them at Moonshiners Pub.  Check their website for the location of the next few shows but if you’re looking for some good live music tonight get out and head over there.



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