G & L Releases Jerry Cantrell Tribute

G & L, the legendary guitar manufacturing company started by none other than Leo Fender, has never been shy of producing tribute guitars. Particularly in this last, the company has really focused on releasing partnered products with famous musicians. One of these musicians, Jerry Cantrell, is about to receive his second opportunity to create a custom guitar through G & L. Known for his work with popular band Alice In Chains, Cantrell has already released the highly successful G & L Tribute Series Rampage. However, Cantrell’s newest release, the Tribute Series Jerry Cantrell Superhawk, promises to be even more popular.


G&L Jerry Cantrell Tribute Guitar

G&L Jerry Cantrell Tribute Guitar

Boasting a 22 fret maple neck and a soft maple body, it is not surprising this guitar came from the mastermind behind Alice In Chains catchy guitar riffs. The Paul Gagon designed humbuckers, which were part of the reason the Rampage was so successful, have returned on the Superhawk, but this time with a higher degree of flexibility and control.


The guitar, which comes in two different models, looks amazing as well. The regular Tribute Series Superhawk is a flat ivory color with an ebony fingerboard and black hardware. Meanwhile, the Superhawk deluxe features the same fingerboard and hardware, but is displayed on an attractive Blueburst body. According to G & L’s website, the difference in finishes is the only major difference between the two versions.


While the guitar’s sound, look, and celebrity endorsement will undoubtedly sell models, it is perhaps the price tag that is most important to consumers. The regular version of the Superhawk will retail at $715, while the Deluxe versions weighs in at around $785. Obviously, both could be found used for a good bit cheaper, but either way the thrill of playing an Alice In Chains inspired guitar will make this guitar worth it.

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