Gibson Reissues M-III Guitar

Posted 06 Oct 2013 in Gear News

Back in the late 80’s and 90’s, thrash and speed metal were a very popular subculture with quite a widespread following. As an effort to release instruments that appealed to that crowd, Gibson released an ill-fated guitar, the M-III, back in 1991. Although that guitar got some recognition and a minor cult following, sales simply were not good enough for Gibson to continue production, and the guitar was soon pulled from shelves.

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However, 22 years later, Gibson once again felt the need to appeal to the metal crowd. Though the crowd and genre have changed considerably, Gibson decided the best approach would be a rerelease of the M-III. Now available in electric green, orange, red, and blue, this pointy shred machine can once again be purchased, usually at a retail price of just over two grand.


As far as the actual hardware of the guitar goes, the M-III is a unique blend of traditional Gibson tactics and metal innovations. With 24 jumbo frets lining its maple neck and a mahogany body, it seems Gibson stuck with the tonewoods it knew best. However, inclusions such as the Floyd Rose tremolo and trio of Dirty Fingers pickups are in stark contrast to much of the rest of the Gibson roster.

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