Gibson to Release Skunk Baxter Firebird

Posted 01 Apr 2014 in Artist News, Electric Guitar

Without a doubt, the Firebird is one of the most iconic guitars Gibson has ever released. The streamlined, angled body screams rock and roll, and the overall sound and quality of the guitar make it obvious why the Firebird is a perpetual fan favorite. In order to please these fans, Gibson recently announced their collaboration with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (whom you may recognize from his work with the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan or from his time spent giving counsel to the US Department of Defense) to release a limited edition version of the Firebird.

Gibson Skunk Baxter Firebird

Trained Gibson fans will immediate notice one major difference in the Skunk Baxter: the reversed body. However, the gear-less tuners and independently controlled pickups also help to distinguish this beast of a guitar. Plus, the sound hole looks great, and also classifies this guitar as a semi-hollow. The guitars are not yet for sale and haven’t been officially priced, but once they hit shelves, we can’t wait to hear from any readers who get their hands on one.

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