Gibson Releases Slash Signature Model

Posted 08 Aug 2013 in Artist News, Electric Guitar, Gear News, News

The Man in the Hat has built a pretty solid reputation for himself. Even when everybody thought Guns N Roses was over, Slash’s tenacity for playing with other musicians as well as his work with Velvet Revolver helped to keep him in the spotlight over the years. No matter what project or era one examines Slash though, one thing remains the same: his iconic Gibson Les Paul. This summer, Gibson wishes to commemorate this living legend by releasing a Slash signature LP.

Slash Signature Series from Gibson Guitars

The guitar will feature an entirely new type of finish on it; officially called Rosso Corsa, guitarists have taken to referring to it as “racing red”. The finish looks grand on a maple top and is reminiscent natural red finishes featured on a lot of Jacksons. The Slash signature model also features a sweet little doodle and Slash signature on the headstock. The neck is constructed with using a mahogany  and a rosewood fingerboard.


As for the electronics, let’s just say the finish isn’t the only thing that’s new. Slash collaborated with popular pickups manufacturer Seymour to create the first ever Slash Signature humbuckers. Wound slightly tighter than standard than standard humbuckers, the Slash Signatures are perfect for rich lows and a chomping highs. No doubt these pickups can handle any amount of rocking.


These guitars run at about $5000 new and $3000 used, which is quite expensive for a signature series guitar. However, the new finish and Slash endorsements insure that several of these guitars will be sold. Whether or not Slash himself will start playing these guitars is still anyone’s guess.

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