Gibson’s New Tour for Lefty’s

Posted 31 Jul 2013 in Electric Guitar, Gear News, Miscellaneous

Like a variety of other objects in one’s day-to-day life, guitars are more often than not built for right handed people. After all, the vast majority of players use their right hand to strum and left to finger, but not all players use those techniques. Left handed players often find themselves left out at guitar shops, shows, and in other music settings. However, guitar manufacturing giant Gibson is setting out to right this wrong.


Gibson Left Handed Guitar

Gibson hits the road to show off their instruments for lefties during the Southpaw Tour

The American guitar company will be hitting the road in the UK during the first week of August to promote more than 30 of its best selling left handed guitars. Each day from August 5th-10th, the company will be setting up shop in a different music store at locations across England. Called the Southpaw Tour, this effort not only will raise awareness of the Gibson’s lefty products, but also will bring a range of instruments into stores that lefty musicians may not have had access to previously.


Not only does the Southpaw Tour allow left handed guitarists to try a large number of instruments, but it also will be selling any guitars. This means that the first date in Liverpool will have the widest selection of guitars, so left handed enthusiasts need to work their way to Liverpool before the 5th. No matter which hand is their dominant hand, any guitarist could stand to come out and enjoy a chat with the Gibson guitar specialist that will be on site and helping customers to find the perfect guitar for their needs. Overall, this promises to be a great opportunity to raise awareness of one of the most overlooked groups in music.

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