Go See Primus But Don’t Heckle Les Claypool

Posted 17 Nov 2014 in General News, News, Performance

Most of us know that Primus is an awesome band that has been putting out great music for a very long time.  The second you hear that bass kick in you pretty much know it’s a Primus song because it doesn’t sound like anything else out there.  But this article isn’t about the music.Primus

This leg of the tour has the band swinging through Texas.  When they took the stage in Dallas at the Majestic Theatre the band set off on the musical journey that is the latest album Primus & The Chocolate Factory.  Sounds pretty normal so far right?  Just wait…

If there were 5,000 people in the Majestic it’s safe to say that about 4,999 of them were loving the show.  That is until there was a break in the action.  At this point one not so thrilled audience member decided to let the band know he wasn’t enjoying the music.  Seems quite strange that someone would lay out cash to see Primus and not know what to expect but I guess it happens.  The fan in question shouted ‘Play something we all know’ from the balcony.


Claypool somehow heard the fan and decided to address him directly.  If you are a Primus fan you know Les has done this before but apparently this guy either didn’t know or didn’t care.  Probably a bit of both but that’s irrelevant.  The comedy that ensued as Claypool put this guy in his place is awesome and the crowd certainly loved it too.  Enough talk.  Check it out for yourself.

At least if the whole music thing doesn’t pan out for Les Claypool he has a promising career in stand-up comedy.




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