Godlyke Octavious Squeezer Analog Bass Synth Pedal

Posted 23 Jul 2008 in Effects, News

The Octavius Squeezer Analog Bass Synth Pedal, from Godlyke Distribution, has been announced and will be available starting mid-summer 2008.  The bass effects pedal features a true analog reconfigurable signal path technology, true bypass switching and digital switching system between the 96 user-editable presets.  

Octavius Squeezer includes a dedicated filter circuit bred in our Agent 00Funk and Agent 00Funk Mark II envelope filters. It also includes the fuzz circuit from our Brown Dog gated bass fuzz. A multi-range digital pitch tracking stage tracks the notes you play right down to the bottom of your instrument’s range and drives an analog synthesizer which can produce various waveforms at either the same pitch as your input, one octave down, one octave up or two octaves up. All of this can be patched, mixed and configured in a variety of ways to give an enormous array of available effects. 

The Octavius Squeezer will be priced at $599 – and also features two user-assignable footswitches, and an onboard SD card reader for saving and loading presets, and updating the onboard firmware.


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