Grand Theft Auto Outperforms Music Industry

Posted 12 Jan 2014 in Industry Insights, News

If you don’t play video games, surely by now you know that many other people play video games a lot. As in a lot a lot. You can go online and play a game that’s are a decade old and still find more than a hundred people playing worldwide.

Grand Theft Auto 5

That being said, I don’t think most people realized just how big of a deal video games have become in the entertainment industry. Consider this. A few months ago, one of the best selling games ever was released, Grand Theft Auto V. In just the first three days after opening, Rockstar, the company behind GTA V, garnered over $1 billion dollars. To put this in comparison, the music industry, in concert and song sales, earns just over $1 billion dollars each month. By the way, that’s not just the American music industry figures; that’s the global revenue of the music industry. That means Grand Theft Auto V, a singular video game, earned money at roughly ten times the rate the global music industry did. That’s something right there.

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