Guitar Apps for Android – Jimi Guitar and Jimi Tutor

Posted 22 Sep 2012 in Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Reviews

Here are two great mobile applications you should give a try if you like guitar. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced guitarist, these apps will be not only fun but also essential tools to keep in your pocket.

Jimi Guitar App Main

Jimi Guitar is already one of the most acclaimed guitar apps on Android market. It has a variety of play modes and a smart user interface that make it enjoyable even for non-musicians. The free play mode changes your phone into a virtual guitar with authentic sounds that you can pick from nice acoustic and electric instruments. While it won’t replace your real guitar, it will be cool to play with when on public transport for example.

Jimi Guitar Chord Mode

The chord mode lets you play effortlessly various chord progressions, including custom chords that you can choose from a complete dictionary. The song mode accompanies you while you sing your favorite songs, displaying the chords and lyrics as you play along. It has a powerful search engine that will find almost any song that can be found on the internet.

Amongst other features, you will also find a handy guitar tuner, a capo, and many other options.

Jimi Tutor Logo

Jimi Tutor is the latest app in Jimi’s family and is an invaluable tool for all those who want to learn new guitar tunes and licks. Its visual mode is an alternative to tablatures which is not only easier to read but also surprisingly effective. You can import all your tab files (supported formats include Guitar Pro and Power Tab) or let the search engine find almost all the titles that you can think of.

Jimi Tab Mode

Slow down the tempo, or activate the step-by-step mode, and let the colored dots guide you. Jimi Tutor’s tactile mode is also very useful when you don’t have your real guitar in hand: you learn the fingerings by playing them directly on your phone screen. It’s like having a personal (and extremely patient) tutor always on hand to boost your guitar skills.

Jimi Guitar and Jimi Tutor are both available on Google Play Store and other Android markets. Each app has a free but limited lite version, and a full version that is well worth the price of a guitar string!

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