Guitar Armrest Roundup

Posted 19 Jul 2008 in Accessories, Acoustic Guitar

Apparently, if you’re an acoustic or classical guitarist and you rest your arm on top of the body of your instrument, you “lose between 15 and 20 percent of the power and projection of the top of the guitar“.  This is where guitar armrests come in, and they have the added benefit of making your playing more comfortable.  I must admit that through my years of classical guitar playing, I’ve never seen the need the need for one of these, but it appears that there are plenty of people who think otherwise.  The only drawback is that they detract from the overall appearance of your guitar, and are permanent or leave some markings upon removal, depending on which model you get.

Guitar Bench has a nice roundup of the different models, if you’re interested, and provides pros and cons for each.

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  1. terence (20 Jul 2008, 14:51)

    Well, maybe not 10-15% strictly, but there’s definitely a difference- thanks for the pingback Julian!

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