Guitar Kickstand

Posted 08 Jul 2008 in Accessories

Fancy a stand for your guitar that’s always there, and folds out of they way neatly when you’re playing?  Enter the Kickstand.  Installation is apparently simple and non-destructive to the guitar – you unscrew the strap knob at the end of your guitar, and screw it back on with the Kickstand in between.  Thumbrella has a review of it:

In use? Simply flick the stand down and place it on the floor. Presto! The metal part clips into place on the base and there you go. Instant guitar stand. It is fairly sturdy too – there is built in “wobble factor”

When not in use, it folds flat against the guitar body, not adding too much bulk. This has little or no effect on the guitar in the case, and when playing the guitar it didn’t interfere at all with my playing or my paunch! It would also help protect the back of the guitar from some belt buckle scratches too (a bit late for my Telecaster!)

I think it’s a great concept – in fact it was nominated “product of the year” by Guitar Magazine.  I’d be interested to find out what kind of long term wear and tear it places on the tail section of the guitar though.


  1. Gary (13 Jul 2008, 18:57)

    Thanks for dropping by my place! – Y’all come back now, d’ya hear?

  2. cleo (17 Jul 2008, 16:18)

    Too cool! My lady bought one of these Kickstands for my birthday and I was not so sure about it, but the damm thing works great, I love it. I just ordered two more for my other Les Pauls.

  3. Julian Tan (17 Jul 2008, 19:55)

    Thanks for the comment Cleo! Good to hear that the kickstand is serving you well.

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