Guitar Picks You Wouldn’t Believe

Posted 10 Feb 2013 in Accessories, General News

Guitarists can be unique individuals.  You can tell by the styles of guitar they play, the type of music they play or even by their personality.  There are also many different accessories, amps, straps and picks that a guitarist can choose to use to enhance the sound of their music.  Check out some truly unique picks that you can pick up.

I was browsing the other day and came across the StoneWorks Website and some of the picks they have on there are really cool.  They may be a little pricey but if you cherish individuality then you should definitely check them out.  They have picks made of  100% Natural Stone that come in various thicknesses to suit your needs and comfort level.

Aside from the really cool and intricate looking stone picks you can also really step out and drop some coin on dinosaur bone picks.  Head on over to their online shop and you can browse the many different guitar picks and other guitar pendants and stuff.



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