Guns N’ Roses Taking Time Off

Posted 13 Jul 2014 in Artist News

In what seems to have become a trend in recent months, yet another classic rock act has announced plans to take some time off of touring. This time, the group is heavy metal legends Guns N’ Roses, though they aren’t planning on being gone for long. According to keys player Dizzy Reed, it would be highly unlikely to see the band attempt any other touring or music making for the rest of the year. However, he claims to be band will back in full force for 2015, because they “can’t stay away for long.”

Guns N Roses

Reeds also shed light on the upcoming GNR album, which is their first release since the poorly received Chinese Democracy. According to Reeds, the album features some tracks from that era as well as a handful of entirely new tracks, but he refused to announce an official release date for the project. Furthermore, Reeds pointed out that the rumors of GNR’s impending breakup are entirely unfounded and that the group has every intention on continuing making music, after the break of course. While this is likely sad news to GNR fans, we’re at least glad the group isn’t breaking up forever.

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