Ibanez Product Announcements

Posted 09 Jul 2008 in Acoustic Guitar, Amplifiers, Electric Guitar, News

Ibanez have made a flurry of announcements at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville, including limited edition guitars, new amps and a whole lot of bass products.  Thanks to Harmony Central – here are brief descriptions and links to the headlines:

In particular, the Ibanez MIMX 30 amp looks quite interesting. This 30 watter is supposed to be the most affordable in its class, yet offers a 11 amp models, 18 effects and an onboard rhythm machine.  If you want to tweak your own sound, in the “manual” mode the MIMX 30 can be operated like a standard amp with rotary pots as well.

My pick of the bunch, based on plain coolness alone, is the 20th Anniversary Joe Satriani guitars – the JS20TH and JS20S models commemorate the 20th Anniversary of his groundbreaking “Surfing with the Alien” album and his 20th year with Ibanez Guitars, and feature a Silver Surfer graphic.  The JS20TH is a limited edition, with a special “3D” version of the graphic, with only 150 copies produced – only $7999.99 each.

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